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Licensing & Permits, Animal Husbandry, Crop Production, Advisory Role


Benefits and Payments

Allowances, Subsidies, Schemes, Grants, Fines and Claims


Culture, Sports and Tourism

Culture, Competition and Sports, Tourism


Education and Learning

Learning & Teaching, Bursaries & Scholarships, Institutions


Health and Wellness

Public Health Services, Disease Prevention & Control, Accreditation of Professionals


Immigration and Civil Registration

Immigration, Civil Registration, Visa Applications, Civil Registration, Citizenship, Residency & Work


Labour and Employment

Employment & Apprentice, Labour Administration, Occupational Health & Safety


Land, Construction and Housing

Land management, Construction, Housing


Law, Crime & Justice

Legal, Judicial, Policing, Tribal Court/ Customary Courts


Living in Botswana

Citizenship, Residence permits, Permanent residency


Licensing and Permits

Animals and Plants, Agrochemicals, Mining, Meteorology & Waste Management, Radiation, Trade and Services


Natural Resources and Environment

Natural Resources, Environmental Management


Social Services

Social Upliftment Programme, Disaster Management, Rural Development


Trade and Industry

Business Registration, Sales of Goods and Services, Business Compliance


Transport and Communications

Transport, Transport Permit, Communications